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Recently, Governor Rick Perry called out the National Guard to come to our area due to his view that crime and illegality was out of hand at the border. This was in addition to the earlier surge of DPS officers who work to catch drug smugglers and other criminals while Border Patrol is busy with the waves of children and mothers inundating the border. Some of you planning to attend the 35th may be worried whether it is safe to come to McAllen and/or to go on a tour. Rest assured that it is not any more dangerous today than it has been in recent times in the Valley. Clearly, there are crimes here like in other parts of the country, but most people are not affected by them. Much of the crime is related to smuggling and involves only those who voluntarily participate in those activities. You should not expect to be accosted by anyone at any of the hotels or on the tours. Our official crime rates are generally lower than other parts of Texas. Driving in some of the rural areas can be risky, but most city roads are relatively safe.

So plan to come and relax. Plan to see old friends and have a good time. Plan to learn.

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